If you wish to submit your abstract or symposium proposal, please follow these steps:

(a)   Create your account by signing up at http://www.fleximeets.com/tid2019/

(b)  Once you have signed in, go to “My dashboard”, which is on the right top of the webpage

(c)   Go to “Submit new paper +”

(d)  In the new window that will appear, please add the “Title” of your abstract/symposium and then press the “Save” button

(e)   After that, you will be directly transferred to a submission form:

  •  In the tab “Paper Details”, please add your abstract or a brief description of your symposium (max 300 words), 3-5 keywords and select the session type (oral/poster presentation/symposium proposal)
  • In the tab “Authors”, please add the Corresponding Author, the co-Authors and specify the presenter (If an author has more than one affiliations please write them in the same field as in the example: Department, University, City, Country / Department2, University2, etc)
  • In the tab “Codes”, please choose from the right column the thematic codes for your abstract/symposium

(f)    If you have successfully followed the previous steps in the tab “Submit paper”, the submission button will have been activated. Make sure that you have pressed the “Submit paper” button, otherwise your abstract/symposium proposal will be saved as a pending.


Please note that we will reject abstracts submitted from individuals who collaborate with the tobacco industry.