Below is a list of some restaurants in the Plaka area, near and around Mouseou Square.


KUZINA (address: Adrianou 9)

Strofi (address: Rovertou Gali 25)

GH Attikos (address: Garivaldi 7)

Anafiotika (address: Mnisikleous 24b)

Taverna tou Xynou (address: Geronta 4) - this restaurant is so traditional, it does not have a website! Information here.

Scholarchio (address: Tripodon 14)

Bakaliarika (address: Kidathinaion 41)

Yiasemi (address: Mnisikleous 23)

Tzitzikas & Mermigas (address: Mitropoleos 12-14)

Diogenes (address: Platia Lysikrati 1)


Please note: EAERE 2017 is in no way affiliated with any of the restaurants listed above, which are offered only as possible suggestions among the many good restaurants in the city. EAERE 2017 does not accept responsibility or liability for the venues or the services they offer. Bookings should be made directly by conference delegates, and any queries or complaints should be discussed with the restaurants.